Char’s Vocal Studio


who is char

CHAR is a profressional singer with 40+ years of experience in vocal performance. She was voted “Pittsburgh’s Best Gospel Performer”, and studies under Jeff Morrow (vocal producer of the TV series Empire). CHAR is also in the process of earning a B.F.A. from Columbia College Chicago.

what you’ll learn

CHAR will teach you to find your voice, to understand your voice as an instrument, and to enjoy singing for fun. Also:

  • Understanding tone, pitch, dynamics

  • Singing techniques

  • Breath support

  • The art of performance

  • Maintaining vocal health

  • Basic music theory


All skill levels and ages are welcome! Reach out below for questions, scheduling, and pricing.

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My teen son has a great voice, but zero confidence and Ms. CHAR has been so supportive and patient when giving him lessons. She allows him to move at his own pace and he is absolutely loving it. She gives him the most sincere guidance and praise which is motivating him to work harder. Plus, Ms. CHAR sings like an was such a gift when I was able to hear her sing during one of his lessons! Her format is geared to opening up his mind to his own inner creativity so he can soar. He has learned so much, not only about his own voice’s capabilities, but about music and performing live.
— Patricia B.
My experience taking lessons with CHAR, was truly encouraging. Our sessions provided me confidence and competence for my musicianship, connection with the music and clarification on my role as a singer / songwriter. The singing skills imparted helped me to be part of a band setting and the determination to record an album.
— Jase N.