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Set to release September 2nd, “Broken Wings” is an urbane recap of CHAR’s life; an ode to all the things that have held her back from pursuing her passion. The song shares a universal truism of growth through loving yourself and leaving the pain of the past behind. The barebones production floats around her sultry vocals, and radiates an infectious feeling of self-empowerment.


"i'm doing so much better now,
can't nothing hold me down,
there's no way that I can turn back now..."

Char definitely has a top national voice!"

- Ron King, WRKP-FM Radio

This is very impressive, from the stellar production, soulful and expressive vocal and very sophisticated structural song elements.



CHAR is an Soul/R&B artist based in Chicago. Originally called to music through her faith, CHAR felt it was time to share her gifts to new audiences. Her message has recently shifted towards themes of self-growth and spirituality.

From Jamaica West Indies, CHAR moved to America at a young age. Her artistic talent was nurtured by New York City's schools and vibrant music and arts culture. She eventually settled in Pittsburgh where she experienced vibrant success in the Gospel music industry.


Suitcase & A Dream EP (2017)


Bustin’ Out (2015)






Suitcase & A Dream EP (2017)

Bustin' Out (2015)

Dreams (2006)

Family Christmas (2000)

Chosen to be Blessed (1998)


Bravo Magazine JAN 2018

"Prophet Sharing" by Jeffrey Pierce

Bravo Magazine OCT 2017

"A Suitcase & a Dream" by Jeffrey Pierce

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"Time to Unpack Her Suitcase" by Debbie Burke




Winner of Pittsburgh’s 1999 Best Gospel Performer at The WAMO Annual African American Awards

Special broadcast of CHAR's Family Christmas (live full length concert) aired on B.E.T and The Inspiration Network

Opening act for Vickie Winans, Commissioned, Ben Tankard, Denise Matthews aka “Vanity”, and M.C. Hammer

Multiple appearances on Cornerstone Television

Headliner at Three Rivers Stadium

Featured on The Candi Staton Show (TBN)